Award Lecture, Invited / Award Lecture

For the Sake of Making Molecules

A. Togni1
1Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zürich

The aim of the lecture, while reviewing the research activities of the author, is to illustrate the somewhat chaotic way leading from one specific topic to another – from e.g. ferrocenyl ligands for asymmetric catalysis, to asymmetric fluorination, to reagents for perfluoroalkylation, just to mention some of the most fruitful ones. That the way meandering through several areas of research in chemical synthesis can be described as chaotic is not primarily due to the inability of the author to plan the work of his research group. In the contrary, it will be argued that academic research, viewed as mean to educating and forming young researchers, should resist the temptation towards an increasing projectification, milestone mentality, the myth of societal relevance, and consciously aim for a more anarchical trait.